Cessna 172, the general aviation classic
Developed since 1955, starting from the project of its predecessor Cessna 170, it was the first model with tricycle gear built by Cessna. It was thought as a direct competitor of Piper Aircraft which had already converted its PA-20 Pacer into a tricycle gear version named PA-22 Tri-Pacer.

The Piper Archer LX is the four-seat single-engine piston aircraft for private pilots marketed by Piper Aircraft since 2010 and derived from the historic PA-28 family.

A few days ago Textron Aviation presented the new family of legendary executive turboprops aircraft to the public: the King Air 360 and King Air 360 ER. The historic family of King Air aircraft, was introduced by Beechcraft in the 1960s and since then more than 7600 aircraft have been sold, this record has earned the "King of Air" the world's best-selling twin-engine turboprop executive aircraft.

The Beechcraft T-34 Mentor is a low-wing single prop derived directly from the civil aircraft Beechcraft Bonanza. Developed specifically for the training of military pilots from the USAF and the US Navy since the late 1940s, the T-34 was produced until 1959.